Maveric helps its clients in successfully incorporating Blockchain technologies and in creating tokenized economies. Leveraging our exclusive and established relationships with cutting-edge Blockchain and technology developers, premier branding and marketing firms, specialized legal and accounting firms and the leading executive and crypto advisors, we execute for our clients the development of Blockchain platforms and the creation of tokenized financing solutions.

Token Project Management

The Token Model is the most crucial part of a Token Launch process. It consists in the structuring of an “ecosystem” of which the token is the centrepiece. Maveric has at its disposal a team of professional analysts that finds the perfect solution based on the business model of our clients. Maveric specializes in discovering the ideal token structure and the correct valuation during emission and token adoption for each of our clients. Maveric excels at leading real-world companies into the future through the implementation of Blockchain technology.  

Without a perfect Whitepaper, the value of the company it represents and the objective it is trying to achieve is not fully reflected and therefore not valorised to the fullest. At Maveric we understand the importance of producing a document that upholds only to the highest standards in the market environment. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the field, having reviewed and produced a significant number of successful whitepapers, we can support our customers in making sure that every single detail of their future Whitepaper is only of the highest quality.  

Developing a strong business plan is critical to the success of any start-up and related Token Launch. Maveric works alongside entrepreneurs to help build robust plans that include detailed strategy around all aspects of their organization. As part of our Token Corporate Advisory services, we focus on analysing data for trends and patters to identify the areas of greatest opportunity in which a token can be implemented as the most appropriate solution for companies seeking financing.  

Announcing listing on an exchange could be a positive factor in determining the future price of your token. Understanding the complexity of the legal implications required to implement the listing process, Maveric assists its clients in the preparation of the extensive documentation required to be listed in all the most relevant exchanges around the world.  

It & Blockchain development

Maveric team of expert developers in the solidity environment, can generate the best technical solution that is specifically tailored on the needs of our clients. Security and professionalism are the two factors that distinguish our team, because nothing is more important during a Token launch than the certainty that the Smart Contract in place is going to be secure and attack-proof.  

Today the web component is the main showcase, a worldwide business card for every company that wishes to be recognizable, contactable and available to the entire world. This is the reason why Maveric utilizes a team of graphics that can harmonize completely with the customers’ requests and therefore transmit in the best way possible the “Family Feeling” that is already present and consolidated in their activity, and if it is not present, to create it.  

Security does not entail only Smart Contracts, but every single point of contact with the web could represent a possible “non-authorized” point of access or even cause traffic management issues. For this specific reason, Maveric offers periodic tests to check, where possible, that the product delivered to the clients respects only the highest security standards available in the market.