Crowdfunding, Digital Financial Services, E-Money, Value Cards, Digital Currencies, Bitcoin, Tokens. Maveric’s compliance team follows an integrated compliance approach. With specialists in financial regulatory and tax compliance, anti-money laundering (AML), and in assistance procedures. Maveric’s compliance team provides support in all regulatory challenges and an effective protection in administrative procedures. Maveric’s compliance team is leader in the areas of Digital Finance and Blockchain, M&A and Private Equity. We have tailored-made solutions for you.

The Whitepaper is a vital document to be produced during a Token emission. Maveric’s L&C team can assist and support in all matters related to the documentation required of our clients to successfully implement a Token Launch. From sale agreements, to investment prospectuses, to the comprehensive revision of all compliance documentation.  

The digital revolution has found its way into the financial services industry, disrupting traditional ways of doing business. Whether a Security, Payment or Utility Token, Maveric’s L&C team can effectively support its clients in conducting a lawful and authorized Token Emissions, in Switzerland and internationally.