At MAVERIC we understand the importance of relationships and the 48h-day of every entrepreneur. This is why a dedicated professional can assist your company to find, relate and deal with global investors and world top-tier advisors.

Investor relations are as vital for companies preparing for a token generation event (TGE) as they are for those that have been already listed on an exchange. For companies preparing for a TGE, financial communication with worldwide investors is absolutely critical. Maveric can support its clients to find and relate with worldwide accredited investors to ensure that their projects will achieve the financial goals they set out beforehand.  

Acknowledging the worldwide scale of TGE, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the project will attract the right type of attention from the crypto and financial community on a global scale. Maveric has access to a worldwide network of potential top-tier advisors that can lead our clients on the correct path to reach their financial goals.  

Given the importance of communicating on a global scale, the management of marketing and communication is being given to trusted partners with established and worldwide presence. Maveric interacts only with selected partners able to reach top rated Blockchain and crypto blogs, websites, newspapers and social platforms, delivering a solid and profitable outcome.