Blockchain infrastructures and the tokenization processes are reshaping the financial service industry. At Maveric we understand that tokens are the new bridge that connect investors, and Blockchain as the new way of being a modern Merchant Bank.

Maveric will follow you step by step. Each project Maveric undertakes, is personally and closely followed by a dedicated Project Manager. Corporate Advisory, IT & Development and Investor Relationship teams will help you structure and manage your goals.

Having conducted in depth analysis on the recent trends of the ICOs market, Maveric has deemed necessary the creation of services specifically dedicated to support our clients in ensuring that the value of their newly generated tokens will always represent its fair value. Therefore, Maveric is fully equipped to aid its clients during the post quotation phase by providing specific liquidity and market making strategies.

Maveric can assist its clients in creating tailor made solutions to transform any type of “traditional” security into a “digitalized asset” taking full advantage of Blockchain technology features. Blockchain solutions implemented in a security offering could deliver investors true added value that could not otherwise be produced through classic means of financing.  

During the past year, Intellectual Property and functioning MVPs have grown in volumes and complexity. Maveric helps Blockchain Companies to scout and find the right target to implement their business model and scalability. Maveric acts as a Corporate Advisor, fully supporting its clients during the valuation, acquisition, merge or sale processes.  

Maveric will help its clients during and after the Token Generation Event. To ensure Maveric’s commitment in its client’s business development and to help delivering added value, one of Maveric’s top management resources can always be present and seat in our client’s Board of Directors.